December 6


Coding means – the process of assigning a code to something for classification or identification.

Summary of the day-

Today we did coding because we were celebrating coding. What we did was we went on a web site that had coding (the website was called I worked/ focused on brackets and strategies. Antony taught us that you can put brackets in brackets. One of the games were when we had to pair up with someone and we had to use the coding e.g. move to the left. We had to be precise and specific otherwise the partner would not have a clue about what you’re saying. You also need to know the place enough because you might never know if there is an object in the way.

What I want to learn-

I want to learn different strategies for coding e.g. I only know 2 ways of how to code. Using brackets and using the arrows. I also want to learn how to debug coding for example a debug is when you are trying to do a code but you have an error.

Something that confuses or excites you-

Something that excites me is figuring how to complete the challenge. Something confuses me is who made coding and what is the purpose of coding.

How can we improve coding in Moonee Ponds Primary school-?

Something that would improve coding would be making coding more challenging for us.

Reflection on coding- When I did was coding and trying to UN bug something.

December 5


This article is about space.

Three facts I have are the earth and the moon are actually very far from each other. Normally when you are looking at a picture they’re very close but in real life they are miniature planets and miles away from each other. The second fact I have is the sun is a meter and a half. The last fact I have is 24 people have actually seen the moon with their own eyes in space.

2 questions I have are what gadgets did they use get to space? Also what did they eat in space?

One understanding I have is the horizons slightly curves.

November 28


This article is about models of the sun.

Three facts I had were astronomy is the oldest of the science, an attempt to explain the nature and the moving stars. The second fact I had was the sun moves clockwise, and lastly the moon rises and sets.

One understandings I had were the sun is in the center of all the planets that orbit around it.

Two questions I had where can we live on planets now? Lastly, what are stars made out of.

November 14

Humans On Space

This article is about people living in space.

Three facts I came up with were we celebrate when the first person went in space (Yuri Gagarin). On April the 12th of 1961 was when the first person stepped on the moon. In 2014 they started bringing people (tourism) to go to space.

Two questions I had were how do you eat in space? Also, what things do you eat in space?

One understanding I had was they drink water from a straw in a tube.

November 7


This article is about mostly about mars.

3 Facts I came up with were in space you cannot breathe if you’re living in space (Mars). Another fact I have is there is micro gravity so they have to do 2x more exercise than we do. Lastly when landing on a planet they pressure in space is light so the space ship goes very fast that’s called a supersonic retroproppulsic.

2 understandings I had were normally spaceships hold 100 passengers. Lastly going to mars normally takes 6 months but he said 8 days.

1 question I had was wouldn’t meteoroids would hit the spaceship.

I have also watched the other two on ants blog.

November 3

Space food

This article was about space food.

Three facts I came up with was that when you’re drinking a liquid in space you drink from a straw. My second I came up with was in space you have food that is packaged for you. Lastly most of the food they take to space is transported from other countries.

Two understandings I had was all the food that they take to space is non bacteria. Lastly foods in cans or plastic wraps can be space food unlike soup.

One question I had was where is the toilet in space?

November 2

My Story

🌈Miracles From Heaven🌈


Never seen my great grandmother, never talked to her because she was deaf and old. Wishing to see her. All I have wanted is to see her. I’m crying tears because I’ve never seen her. Tears drips when I move.

One day we were going to Singapore, I was hoping to see my great grandmother because she is turning 103. I was so excited, my heart was beating because I’ve never seen what she looks like. I imagine a beautiful face and soul. I’m visualising her running up to me and giving her a hug. But then dad said she was in a wheelchair so then I stopped picturing all of the running and the hugging.

When I got to Singapore I went to the nursing home and went to go see my great grandmother. I was running, then I got to her room. I look in the room but when I looked in the room and she wasn’t breathing. I think she’s dead. I ran out of the room and sprinted back. I felt the slightest tear drop down my face as I leaned on my bed. All I wanted to see was my great grandmother and now she’s dead. The person I wanted to see is now DEAD!  Now in my whole life. I know that I will never see my great grandmother again. When I saw her my heart dropped.

I’m now determined to look for the things to help her, to make her alive again. If you know what I mean I’m going to look for some potions, like an adventure. So I can save my great grandmother. I hope this works. But now I have to preparing for the funeral. I can feel drops of tears running down my face. Suddenly I felt a gush of wind randomly (swish, swish). I started shivering. Oh no I think I’ve got a fever. My face starts getting red, I start getting how like it was 500 degrees. But I knew I had to keep planning the funeral.

2 days ago. . .

After all that planning I still had a fever, but I had to go on. Everyone starts coming into the room. The funeral was depressing even worse sad. Just keep thinking of what happened.

Back flash: When she had her last breath my heart dropped. I can still remember that sad memory. When the funeral finished we buried her I gave her some beautiful flowers that were worth a lot like her. I said to myself, I regret that I have never seen her, I should have went to go see her.

5 days later.

I went on the adventure I was talking about before. I found some purple berries, blue apples, pink pears, and black grapes to make the potion. After all that I went and made the juice. I gave it to her from the little crack in her grave. For 5 minutes and 36 seconds she came back alive. My eyes were stuck to the grave. She said hello so I immediately ripped off the top of the grave and grabbed her wheelchair. I had tears of joy when I saw her alive. My heart was beating so fast because I was so excited. I called my mum and dad, they wouldn’t believe me. They came as soon as possible. They saw me and my great grandmother. Mum and dad cried.         


October 24

Space Rocks

This week we are learning about space rocks. Three facts I came up with is a comet are chunks of ice and dust which come from the cold parts of the solar system. My second fact is when comets get close to the sun they melt into a gas. My last fact is meteoroids are smaller chunks of asteroids.

Two understandings I came up with was asteroids are made out of rocks called metal. My last understanding is a shooting star is actually a meteor.

One question I had was are there other rock in the planet?


October 17

The Solar System

This article is about the solar system. 3 facts I came up with was Mercury is the smallest and the lightest planet out of the 8 planets. My second fact is Venus is the hottest planet and the brightest planet, if a greenhouse effect (out of control). Means Venus never calls around 473. My last fact is the distance between the earth and the sun is 150 There’s only life on earth and water.

2 questions I had was is there another planet in space? Last question is are scientist trying to discover if we can live in different planets?

1 understanding I had was Saturn has 62 moons on its planet.